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Research And Implementation Of Data Isolation Mode Customization System For SaaS Multi Tenants

Posted on:2019-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330569488911Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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In recent years,with the development of Internet technology,the market size of Software as a Service(SaaS)has also been growing.With SaaS application,the majority of SMEs do not have to build their own information systems,but directly use the way of leasing SaaS service providers business services,through the Internet to manage the company's business and activities.This model greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise in the process of information construction.SaaS mode can not only reduce enterprise costs,but also has the advantages of rapid deployment,flexible customization,cross-platform,and high scalability.However,some companies still have concerns about storing their own data with other companies' data.Different companies have different needs for data storage models.In order to solve the above problems,meet different data storage needs of different companies,Based on the research of relevant companies,this thesis focuses on the technology of database isolation and storage in SaaS platform.Finally,the database isolation model customization system of SaaS platform was designed and implemented on the basis of the vehicle and its parts sales system on the technology business cloud platform.The main tasks completed are as follows:(1)Analyze the research background and significance of the data isolation mode customization system under the multi-tenant mode,and complete the system requirements analysis.(2)Aiming at the configurable requirement of the function in the data isolation mode customization system of SaaS multi-tenant,the corresponding model is proposed to implement the mapping of the tenant minimum function package to the DDL statement.Based on this,a table structure synchronization scheme based on DDL statement management is proposed.(3)For an independent database,shared database,independent architecture,shared database sharing tables,three common data storage solutions,A scheme for data isolation access in hybrid mode based on Thread Local is proposed,Designed and implemented a new tenant custom storage model for various data models.(4)Addresses the data migration needs of tenants in different modes,On the basis of more mature data exchange,Designed and implemented unified management of table structures under different modes,Designed and implemented an asynchronous transfer of data in different modes based on JSON.(5)Designed and implemented a data isolation model customization system for SaaS multi-tenancy,The above system was verified based on the sales sub-modules in the technology business cloud vehicle and its spare parts sales system.
Keywords/Search Tags:SaaS, Cloud computing, multi-tenancy, data isolation, data migration
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