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Development And Application Research Of The Optical Fiber Sensors

Posted on:2017-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2348330566956261Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Optical fiber sensors have already drawn lots of attention because it has advantages in size,sensitivity,anti-electromagnetism interference ability and other aspects.At present,optical fiber sensors have come into use in the aerospace industry,power industry,and many other fields.It is clear that the research on optical fiber sensors will make great contribution to the national economic development,it will also made tremendous progress in science and technology.This paper is mainly focus on the development and application research of the optical fiber sensors,the main work and innovations are as follows:(1)Based on the principle of FPI,a photonic crystal fiber temperature sensor is proposed.In order to form FPI structure,a short photonic crystal fiber is fused to one end of a standard single-mode optical fiber with the fiber fusion splicer,and the excess photonic crystal fiber has to be cut.At a high temperature range of 700?-1100?,the sensitivity of the FPI photonic crystal fiber temperature sensor can reach 17.47pm/ ?,the linearity is over 0.99.This kind of sensor has many advantages such as simple process,low cost,and it also has high sensitivity and pretty good linearity at high temperature.It will have a good application prospect?.(2)Based on the theory of whispering gallery modes,a fiber loop resonator is proposed.The interference fringes of fiber loop resonators with different diameters are compared.And the prepared sensor is used to test the refractive index of sodium chloride solutions with different concentrations.The sensitivity is 103.15nm/RIU,and the linearity is over 0.99.This kind of sensor can be applied to measuring the refractive index of the liquid,and it has advantages of simple process,high sensitivity,good linearity.It has good application value.(3)Based on the sensing principle of fiber Bragg grating,a FBG vibration sensor is proposed.The package structure,packaging technology and testing process are designed.The package structure is made of weight block,shrapnel,base,plywood,cover,and plug.It has advantages of low cost,compact,simple packaging process.This kind of vibration sensor has a good response to vibration frequency and acceleration.It will have good application prospects.(4)A temperature monitoring system is designed for the second phase of the project of switchgears temperature monitoring online program in National tax Bureau of Sichuan Province.On the basis of the first phase of the project,FBG temperature sensor packaged with ceramic tube at one end is used,which is easy to design wiring.The hardware of the temperature monitoring system consists of optical fiber grating temperature sensor,transmission cable,fiber grating demodulator.The software interface of the temperature monitoring system includes main interface,temperature change interface,historical data interface and parameter setting interface.At the same time,the installation of the temperature sensor is also designed.Optical fiber sensors are applied to practical engineering in this work.It transfers the result of theoretical research into practical application and accumulates experience for the industrial application of fiber optical sensors.
Keywords/Search Tags:optical fiber sensor, FPI, whispering gallery modes, fiber grating, temperature, refraction index, vibration, industrialization
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