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Research On Node Localization Algorithm In Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Posted on:2019-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W L WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330566464269Subject:Information and Communication Engineering
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Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN)have been are widely used in many fields,such as logistics management,smart grid,aerospace,precision agriculture,animal behavior monitoring and so on.The sensor localization technology is the foundation of the WSN application.However,there are many problems,such as low localization precision and high hardware overhead,especially for heterogeneous WSN.At present,there are few researches on heterogeneous WSN.Therefore,the research on the localization of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks(HWSN)with high accuracy and low energy consumption is of great theoretical and practical significance.Aiming at the current problems of node localization in HWSN,in order to improve the positioning accuracy and reduce energy consumption,this paper developes distance calculation method and location optimization method,and presents two new kinds of node localization methods.Firstly,a new expected hop progress(EHP)localization algorithm using elliptical distance correction is proposed;Then,Accurate expected hop progress localization algorithm based on Quantum Particle Swarm and Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization is proposed.The specific research content and innovation are as follows:1)The influence of the heterogeneity of WSN on the location problem is analyzed,and the influence of different node communication capabilities on the positioning accuracy of sensor networks is mainly studied.By theoretical derivation and simulation analysis of the classic Range-free localization algorithm(i.e.DV-Hop,Amorphous and LAEP algorithm),the main reason,that the classic algorithms have the demerit of low accuracy for HWSN,is that they are not suitable for the distance estimation method between nodes and the node coordinate calculation method.2)A novel EHP localization algorithm based on elliptical distance correction for HWSN is proposed.Aiming at the problems of high computational complexity and low localization accuracy in traditional EHP localization,we firstly construct the new cumulative distribution function(CDF)expression of EHP to reduce the computational complexity.Then,the elliptical distance correction method is used to improve the accuracy of the estimation distance.And the distance correction formula is improved to make it more suitable for HWSN.Finally,using the modified distance,the coordinate of the unknown node can be obtained by maximum likelihood estimation(MLE).The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm has higher localization accuracy than the classical Range-free localization algorithm when used in random and uniform placement of nodes for HWSN.Meanwhile,compared with existing EHP algorithm,the proposed algorithm is superior in energy consumption.3)The optimization performance of different bionic optimization algorithms for EHP positioning algorithm in HWSN is studied.Applying particle optimization idea into localization of heterogeneous wireless sensor network,two optimization schemes are proposed,namely EHP location algorithm based on particle swarm optimization and EHP location algorithm based on particle swarm optimization.These two algorithms transform the node localization problem into the optimization problem.Meanwhile,the improved fitness function is used to solve the problem of low node localization accuracy caused by the different communication ability of sensors.
Keywords/Search Tags:wireless sensor networks(WSN), heterogeneity, expected hop progress(EHP), particle swarm optimization(PSO), quantum particle swarm optimization(QPSO)
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