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Robust Filtering Design For Uncertain Switchedsystems With Time-delay

Posted on:2019-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330545979975Subject:Applied Mathematics
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Switching systems have become an important hybrid dynamic system in the industrial automation control industry today.The switching hybrid system is based on a series of continuous subsystems or discrete subsystems that generate different modes at different times under the effect of the switching law.The design of the filter of the switching system is to check the state of the switching system at the output signal when the interference or noise affects the switching system,and to estimate the input state with noise.Therefore,there are many applications in the fields of construction machinery and so on.The practicality is extremely widespread.Therefore,the problem of filter design for switching systems has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign scholars in recent years.This paper starts with the problem of filter design for uncertain switched systems with time-delay.It mainly explores three aspects,including:robustH_?filter design for linear time-delay switched systems with uncertainties;variance of switched systems with uncertain time-delay bounded filtering;robustH_?Filtering for uncertain nonlinear systems with time-delays.By selecting an appropriate Lyapunov function and combining ADT method,the stability of the switching system is verified.The Lipschitz condition is applied to r process the nonlinear terms.We proved that the switching system satisfies the performance index r>0;or prove that the filter error switching system has a variance bounded condition,so as to design the filter and calculate the filter parameter value in combination with the LMI.The first chapter discusses what is a switching system and filter.It also describes the research significance and research level of the filter.In Chapter 2,we investigate the robustH_?filtering of linear time-delay switched systems with uncertainties.The selected Lyapunov functions are Lyapunov-Krasovskiifunctions.When dealing with multiple integral terms,the integral term can be flexibly expanded according to the lemma to obtain a matrix and verify the stability and performance of the system.Finally,based on the LMI we calculate the filtering parameters.In the third chapter,we discuss the case of bounded-variance filtering for uncertain time-delay switching systems.After discussing the stability of the filtering error system,we study the boundedness of the variance of the system and finally design the filter to solve the parameters.In the fourth chapter,on the basis of Chapters 2 and chapters 3 the nonlinear components is added to the systems and it is more widely used.The Lipschitz condition is used to process the nonlinear part,and then the appropriate function and ADT are used to verify the stability of the system to meet the system performance index.Then we design corresponding filters and solve them.
Keywords/Search Tags:switching system, filtering, average dwell time, Lipschitz conditions, LMI
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