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Operation Optimization Model Research For Micro-grid Based On Improved Shuffled Frog Leap Algorithm

Posted on:2018-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518485894Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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Increasingly critical lack of energy and environmental problems are forcing people to concern more about renewable resources and distributed power generation.Micro-grids as a coordinator of distributed generation and the traditional generation,exploit the advantages of micro-grids and traditional girds by choosing from the resource of them which makes a great research significance.Micro-power optimization in practical work process is a constrained multi-objective optimization problems with complex nonlinear characteristics and higher dimensions.In the process of optimization,not only need to consider micro-grid operating costs,environmental benefits,but should consider feedback from the user side as well.If we only consider micro-grid optimization of a single target for the best,the result will not reflect the actual results of micro-grid operation.Based on two works of micro-grid,take user satisfaction and user priority costs into objective optimization as consideration,more than two kinds of micro-grid multi-objective operation optimization Model is proposed.Intelligent algorithm for most currently used in the calculation of multi-objective on the issue of convergence is slow,searching capability is poor,explore the typical improved shuffled frog leap algorithm,find a new method for micro-power multi-objective optimization problem.The works and innovations of this paper are as follows:Research status and key technology of grid operation optimization problem on this basis are introduced.We elaborate the principle and characteristics of distributed independent power supply,and a corresponding mathematical model of them,explain the two modes of work and the strategy of working.With the traditional micro-grid optimization model is generally considered economic and environmental goals are different,cost-defines user priority and user priority objectives and customer satisfaction runs into the micro-grid with multiple targets.Micro-grid based on two different operating modes,puts total cost/user satisfaction and user priority of micro-grid multi-objective optimization model,combined with micro-grid optimization constraint equations,consists of basis of follow-up studied under different model for optimization of micro-grid operation.We improve the basic shuffle frog leap algorithm for this algorithm is likely to be cheated by the "local Optima" and has the disadvantage of slow convergence whichcause the problem of optimization.Two novel improved algorithm were proposed:GSFLA algorithm and SMSFLA algorithm.Through some of the classic standard test function on the properties of two kinds of improved algorithms related test,test results show that in single and multi-objective test,compare to two improved algorithms in convergence and optimization accuracy,the original algorithm has increased dramatically.This two micro-grid of multi-objective operation model are validated by applying to the specific example.Using the above two modified shuffled frog leap algorithm on numerical simulation and simulation compared with other algorithms.Simulation results show that: GSFLA algorithm and SMSFLA algorithm have great benefits in solving multi-objective optimization of micro-networks problems.For they bring economic efficiency and relatively satisfactory comprehensive benefits in the optimization of micro-girds,Energy storage equipment to optimize the micro grid operation has played a positive role.The two modes presented have great significances in the study of micro-grid optimization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Independent power supply, Micro-girds optimal operation, Multiple objective optimal, Single objective optimal, The modified shuffled frog leaping algorithm
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