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Research And Implementation On Palm Vein Recognition System

Posted on:2018-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330515951656Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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In today's society,many biological recognition technology has been widely used in life and security,access control and other fields,such as fingerprint,face,etc.But with the development of science and technology,the biological characteristics of easy to be faked,it is difficult to satisfy the requirement of information security,so based on the vein feature recognition biometric features,with its advantages of living recognition and high security become the focus of current research.This article mainly discusses the palm vein recognition technology in-depth study and analysis,the main research content is as follows:1.Design and implement the palm vein acquisition system.By analyzing the imaging principle of palm vein,from the type of light source,the shape of the light source,light way,imaging equipment,such as filter for components selection,design and appearance of these components,using 3D printing techniques,produce the palm vein acquisition device satisfies the requirement of image quality,and set up the self-served palm vein library.2.An optimization of image preprocessing method is proposed.Mainly includes the image pretreatment image ROI extraction,image normalization,image enhancement,image denoising.This study proposes a self-correcting image ROI extraction method,as far as possible to ensure the consistency of ROI extraction,and proposed an improved CLAHE algorithm to enhance of hand vein image,through contrast test,image enhancement effect is good,after the contrast increased significantly.3.The use of the existing feature extraction and matching algorithm to test whether this research proposed image enhancement method can improve the recognition rate.This paper uses the neighbors binary pattern(neighbors binary pattern,NBP)algorithm for feature extraction,using hamming distance feature matching.The pick-your-own palm vein library and Polyu image standard library for different image enhancement methods enhanced by different types of ROI library,comparison and analysis on the experiment,the final validation for hand vein image enhancement method proposed in this paper can effectively enhance the hand vein image,improve image recognition rate.4.Design and implement the palm vein recognition platform.Together the whole palm vein recognition,provides a visual interfa ce,implementation of hand vein recognition application.After the test,the system can well realize palm vein recognition.
Keywords/Search Tags:Palm vein recognition, image enhancement, CLAHE algorithm, NBP algorithm
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