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Optimization Of Coordinated Control System Based On Improved Electromagnetism-like Mechanism Algorithm

Posted on:2018-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The coordinated control system is an important component of unit.It can ensure the power system operates safely,steadily and economically.The network requests that the unit can not only respond to the load variation quickly,but also ensure that the chiefly working parameter of the unit in the process of load variation is relatively stable.Whether this dynamic process can be fulfilled on schedule,it not only depends on the unit normal operation of boiler turbine and auxiliary,but also depends on the unit coordinated control system design and selection of the controller parameters.Therefore,in order to improve the control quality of the coordinated control system,a new intelligent control algorithm is applied to the coordinated control system.This can not only promote the development of science,but also has applicable value and theoretical significance.The electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm is a new global optimization algorithm.The search mechanism works by simulating the interaction of charged particles in the vacuum.Each particle can be shifted by the combined force which is created by other particles.In this paper,based on the deep study of the electromagnetic-like mechanism algorithm,it has been improved with repeated trials aimed at the weakness of classical electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm.Particularly,the initial population distribution of the algorithm is not uniform,local search algorithm is easy to trap in local optimum,the calculating expressions of particle charge and resultant force are complicated,the adaptive capacity of particles are low.This paper proposed some corresponding improved strategies to solve the above-mentioned problem.The test results for benchmark functions show that the convergence speed and global optimization capability of the improved new algorithms are significantly improved.In the end,based on the features of the unit coordinated control system,we proposed a method to optimize two main controller parameters in unit coordinated control system respectively.The method which can greatly reduce the complexity of multi-objective optimization.The simulation results show that the combination of the improved EM algorithm and the optimized objective function can get fine performance in solving the multi-objective optimization problem.This can provides important reference data for the operator of power plant.
Keywords/Search Tags:electromagnetic-like mechanism algorithm, initial population, local search, adaptive, coordinated control system optimization
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