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Experimental Study On Desalination Of Seawater Based On LNG Cold Energy

Posted on:2018-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2310330515984778Subject:Architecture and civil engineering
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The cold energy generated by LNG gasification at the seaside LNG receiving station is currently only 20% to 30% used,resulting in energy waste and cold pollution to the environment.At the same time,the lack of fresh water resources has made the desalination industry develop rapidly.Seawater desalination method in the freezing method is not used for commercial promotion of the main reasons is the low cost of cold energy and desalination rate is low.The use of LNG cold energy for desalination,combined with other desalination methods to improve desalination rate,based on the freezing method of desalination technology development is very meaningful.In this paper,two experiments are carried out on seawater desalination based on freezing process and LNG cold energy,which is based on the experiment of static ice making in refrigerator and the simulation experiment of seawater desalination based on LNG cold energy.The purpose of this paper is to construct a composite desalination method based on the freezing process and to study the main factors affecting the overall desalination rate.The experiment was carried out to study the effect of three kinds of desalination methods on the desalination and concentration of freezing and freezing,freezing + gravity desalination,freezing + crushing + centrifugal desalination.Experiments have the following conclusions:(1)The desalination rate of frozen desalination decreases with the increase of icing rate,and decreases with the increase of icing rate.Under the same conditions,the desalination effect of one-way heat transfer is better than that of multi-directional heat transfer.Freezing and gravity desalination effect is better than the effect of simple freezing desalination.Frozen + centrifugal combination can improve the desalination effect,and its effect is better than freezing + gravity desalination effect.Freezing + gravity + centrifugal desalination,desalination rate greater than 95%,if the conditions are optimized,is expected to reach the national drinking water quality concentration standards.Based on the experiment of static ice making in the refrigerator,the experiment experiment of seawater desalination process based on LNG cold energy was designed.The experiment of the effect of the average temperature of refrigerant on the desalination effect was mainly carried out,and the following main conclusions were obtained:(2)The ice obtained in the freezing of the experimental device is increasing with the increase of the average temperature of the refrigerant.The desalination rate of the ice decreases with the increase of the average temperature of the refrigerant.The reason may be that the refrigerant temperature is high The ice is loose,easy to carry more of the original sea.The desalination rate of frozen + gravity desalination,freezing + centrifugal desalination,freezing + gravity + centrifugal desalination increased with the increase of the average temperature of the refrigerant,which was consistent with the static ice making experiment in the refrigerator.(3)The removal rate of Mg2+,Ca2+ and Cl-increased with the increase of the average temperature of cold arithmetic,and the removal rate of Mg2+ and Cl-in freezing and desalination was With the increase of the average temperature of the cold arithmetic,the removal rate of Ca2+ decreases with the increase of the average temperature of the refrigerant(4)In this experiment,the concentration of concentrated brine(concentrated seawater)can not be directly reached 17.7% of the salinity reached by sun drying,but most of the concentrated salt water concentration is higher than 6%,which can save the area,To speed up the salt production rate,there is production significance.(5)soaking and crushing can improve the desalination rate of frozen centrifugation,but will reduce the freezing desalination process of water production,other factors need further study.(6)different conditions formed under the ice microstructure of different,need to further study and explore the law.
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