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The Research Of Cross-certification Cloud Based On PKI System And IBC Authentication Technology

Posted on:2016-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330464967781Subject:Software engineering
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The security issue of cloud computing is the basic and key problem of cloud computing applications and development, and a hybrid cloud is the development direction of cloud computing, hybrid cloud security issues needs more attention and the solution from the academia. In this paper, based on the complexity and diversity of a hybrid cloud service, a requirement for across cloud certification in a hybrid cloud environment is proposed.Firstly, it starts from the trust relationship established on PKI system in the private cloud, utilizes the complementary advantages of PKI system and the IBC authentication technology, design a cross-cloud authentication model for a hybrid cloud framework and also based on PKI system and the IBC certification, and moreover the model of efficiency and security have been analyzed. This model utilizes PKI system and IBC bilinear pairings sign authentication technology, which satisfies requirement of the protection of token truthfulness and completeness for user’ attributes in cross-cloud certification, it implements unified relationship between user’ authentication in a hybrid cloud structure. Based on the improvement and evolution of the traditional IBC sign scheme, it designed a new bilinear IBC signing secret technology and gives a formal proof, perfected the cross-cloud authentication model in a hybrid cloud structure. Authentication model includes cross-cloud authentiation protocol design, across cloud security exchange parameters, token service, provides the guarantee to authentication service for users cross-cloud authorization management.By analyzing the algorithm and formulas of formal proofs, it comes to a conclusion, compared with traditional PKI system structure, based on the technology of PKI system and IBC certification across cloud certification model has advantages of more compact and efficient, it can also satisfy the user much more in a hybrid cloud environment and meet the demand for users in different private cloud authentication domain and the frequent user access service.
Keywords/Search Tags:PKI System, The IBC authentication technology, The identity authentication, Cloud computing, Cloud security
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