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The Research Of Short Signature Scheme

Posted on:2015-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S R FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330467963351Subject:Applied Mathematics
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Compared with the DSA signature scheme, the short signature schemes can reach the same level of security with about half the signature size. The efficiency of short signature schemes has been greatly improved which making they have a great advantage in many potential applications. such as PDAs, cell phones, RFID chips which have limited transmission bandwidth or have a short battery life.At present, short signature can be mainly achieved in the domain of cryptography system based on certificate, cryptography system based on ID and certificateless cryptography system. Among them, certificateless short signature can not only erase the complex certificate manage problem, but also can solve the key escrow problem. The main research results of dissertation are listed as follows:1. We have a security analysis of Fan et al.’s certificateless short signature scheme and pointed out that it failed to meet the security features that they claimed. In other words, their scheme cannot resist the attack of the super adversaries. To erase the problem, we propose an efficient certificateless short signature scheme which can against super adversaries. The scheme is provably secure in the random oracle machine model based on CDH complexity problem. Compared with other schemes, our scheme consumes less pairing operation and index calculation.2. We propose a novel certificateless short strong designated verifier proxy signature scheme. Our scheme is provably secure in the random oracle machine model based on BDH complexity problem and CDH complexity problem. It has a shorter signature length which makes it more efficient.
Keywords/Search Tags:short signature, designated verifier proxy signature, certificateless public key cryptosystem, provably secure, random oraclemachine
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