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Fabrication Of Side Polished Fiber Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor And Its Performance In Refractive Index Sensing

Posted on:2015-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330452950894Subject:Optical Engineering
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Optical fiber surface plasmon resonance(SPR) sensor is a new sensor which regards core aswaveguide carrier to stimulate SPR effect. The superiorities possessed by the proposed sensorinclude simple operation, small size, easy to fabricate, strong resistance to electromagneticinterference, good integration and easy to realize long distance online real time observation. Itbecomes a good candidate for biomedical testing, environmental monitoring, biochemicalsensing and other related fields.With the expanding range of applications about optical fiber SPR sensor, its performancerequirements has became increasingly higher. Etching and fiber side arc wall block method arethe mainly method to fabricate side polished fiber. However, etching is difficult to control theshape of the polishing area. Fiber side arc wall block method has the disadvantages of complexprocess, not environmental and makes the side polished fiber have a large volume. In thispaper, wheel side polishing method which can overcome the shortcomings of the above twomethods is used to fabricate side polished fiber.Side polished fiber has the advantages of lower cost, evanescent field can be artificiallycontrolled, lower insertion loss and easy to splice with the optical fiber system. Therefore, SPRsensor based side polished fiber has high research value and development potential.The main contents are as follows:Firstly, SPR technology and side polished fiber are introduced, then the researchstatusabout side polished fiber SPR sensor is summarized.Secondly, a detailed discussion of the principle of optical fiber SPR is presented. Bysimulating calculation of residual fiber thickness, gold film thickness and chromium layerthickness to optimize the parameters of side polished fiber SPR sensor.Thirdly, after the introduction of fabricating processes and coating processes about sidepolished fiber SPR sensor, experimental study on the refractive index sensing characteristics, theeffect of temperature changes on the refractive index sensing, stability and repeatability of sidepolished fiber SPR sensors are also presented.Finally, all the work of this paper is concluded, the shortcomings and the suggestions for the future work are pointed out.
Keywords/Search Tags:fiber optic sensor, surface plasmon resonance, side polished fiber, refractiveindex, temperature characteristic
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