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The Research Of Fiber Phase Sensor Characteraistics

Posted on:2015-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Fiber sensing technology, light as a carrier, optical fiber as a medium, perceptionand transmission of the signal to be measured outside, is the new sensor technology.Compared with traditional sensors, fiber sensor has high sensitivity, immunity toelectromagnetic interference, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, goodflexibility, less interference to other devices such as external characteristics. It gotattention from governments and scholars around the world, and got rapid development.Currently fiber sensing technology has been widely used in many fields such asaerospace, construction, petrochemical, electrical systems and so on.The article selected two kinds of models of Sagnac, Mach-Zehnder interferometer,three kinds of fiber, high birefringence fiber (HBF), polarization maintaining photoniccrystal fiber (PM PCF) and dual-core photonic crystal fiber (DC PCF). It carried onthe sensing experiments about temperature, stress, bending, and the refractive index ofthe solution four environmental factors. Two research focused on exploring thesensing principles of the two interference models and the characteristics of threesensing fiber theoretically and experimentally. Based on two models of Sagnac andMach-Zehnder interferometer, the article build panda, elliptical HBF temperature andstress Sagnac interferometer, PM PCF solution refractive index Mach-Zehnderinterferometer, DC PCF bending and stress Mach-Zehnder interferometer by phasemodulation sensing theory. Theoretically first, based on structural properties of pandaand elliptical HBF, normalized made the appropriate research about its sensingcharacteristics by the birefringence B formula; Second, numerically calculated andanalyzed the PCF based on two full vector plane wave method Third, we used ofsemi-vectorial finite difference method of DC PCF simulation and analysis forsensing characteristics. Build a panda and elliptical HBF interferometer based onSagnac interference theory and carried out temperature and stress sensing experiments.Results from the experiment were that the elliptical HBF was insensitive to theenvironmental stress factors, in other words, it had good stress stability, and sensitiveto temperature. Panda HBF was insensitive to temperature factors, in other words,good temperature stability, and sensitive to stress. The paper carried out distributedsensing experiment conducted by Panda and elliptical HBF. It found that the Pandasensor and elliptical HBF sensor were not completely independent of each other. Theyinfluenced each other and could not be simply combined with the operation. Theexperiments about PCF refractive index sensing of Mach-Zehnder interferometer werecarried out. In experiments, firstly PCF in HF acid was etched and then the etchedfiber worked as sensing device. It found that the sensing curve of the etched PCFsolution the refractive index interferometer is linear. The article studied DC PCF Mach-Zehnder interferometer in experimentally and completed the bending and stresssensing experiments. Experimental curves of the DC PCF bending and stress sensingwere linear.
Keywords/Search Tags:High birefringence fiber (HBF), Polarization maintaining photonic crystal fiber (PMPCF), Dual-core photonic crystal fiber (DC PCF), Fiber sensing, Interferometer
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