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Quantum Dot Mode-locked Laser Pulse Characteristics

Posted on:2015-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Quantum dot laser lock mode is a kind of semiconductor lasers, this paper use the delay differential equations of passive mode-locked semiconductor lasers on quantum dot laser is simulated based on optical fiber communication technology. Delay differential equation provides a powerful, flexible mathematical framework for the performance of quantum dot semiconductor lasers. In order to understand the development trend of the theory and experiment, a powerful tool for quantum dot semiconductor laser simulation system.This paper mainly introduces the study of quantum dot lasers and the significance of the theory mode locking technology, and the establishment of delay differential equations of mode-locked laser model, parameters may influence the mode-locked lasers that are dimensionless, expression is a series of parameters.Through the simulation model, simulation results explain quantum dot mode locked laser pulse characteristics.Study on the stability of pulse quantum dot lock output mode laser linewidth amplification and absorption varies with the growth factor changes.And the linewidth broadening factor in a certain range of pulse repetition rate, pulse output stability enhancement,so the value of mode-locked semiconductor lasers on the linewidth broadening factor of quantum dot is sensitive.
Keywords/Search Tags:quantum dot lasers, passive mode locking, delay differential equations, linewidth broadening factor, pulse repetition rate
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