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The Design Of Identity Authentication Protocol And Its Applications

Posted on:2014-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330425460299Subject:Software engineering
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Identity authentication protocol is one of the most important cryptographic protocols for protect information security. It is the security basis of different network-based systems, and it plays a decisive role in network and information system security. Through deploying the identity authentication mechanism in the application systems, it can control the user’s access right, and efficiently prevent the illegal personnel login system to carry out sabotage activities or obtain improper benefit. Currently, the researchers have done a lot of research on the authentication protocol, and the identity authentication technology has been widely applied in the fields of data protection, bank network management, as well as various types of application systems security.This thesis studies the design of identity authentication protocol and its applications.the specific works are summarized as follow.1、We classifies the cryptographic protocols and the authentication protocols according to different criteria.2、In order to resolve the security problems existed in Li et al.’s protocol, we designs a new multi-server remote authentication protocol based on dynamic identity. The proposed protocol meets the security requirements of the authentication protocol for multi-server environment, at the same time, it has high efficiency compared with other related schemes.3、A SAML SSO based unified authentication system for multi-application systems in distrubution environment is put forward.Through the system, users can only through one time login to login different application systems, so the multifarious identity and password problems caused by the multipoint login is avoided. It conveniences for user’s use, and enhances the user experience. At the same time, it is helpful to the unified management of the information system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cryptographic Protocol, Identity Authentication Protocol, DynamicIdentity, Multi-sever Authentication, SAML based Single Sign On, UnifiedIdentity Authentication Systems
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