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The Strategy Of Sink Moving Of Mobile Wireless Sensor Network

Posted on:2014-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H P QiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395484158Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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Since wireless sensor nodes are low-cost and flexible, the wireless sensor networks have a widerange of application in agricultural, industrial and military fields etc.. Especially with the rise of theInternet of Things, wireless sensor networks have even broader application prospects. As the energy ofthe wireless sensor nodes are limited, how to effectively conserve energy and balance the energyconsumption of sensor networks becomes a hot research area for wireless sensor networks. Studiesshowed that the mobile wireless sensor networks can effectively balance the sensor nodes’ energyconsumption and extend the life of the entire sensor networks. And the wireless sensor network with amobile sink are widely used, because of its flexibility and simplicity.In this thesis, after studying the existing sink moving strategies and analyze their advantages anddisadvantages, we propose a novel sink moving strategy called restricted self-determination mobilityalgorithm(RSMA) It can balance the energy consumption of the entire wireless sensor network andimprove the network’s system life. In order to further improve the performance of the networks, wepropose routing protocol for wireless sensor networks with mobile sinks. The protocol considers thepossibility of changing the existed path to complete the data transmission instead of rebuilding the path,and this can reduce unnecessary energy consumption.In the end we simulate the new sink moving strategy and the routing protocol, simulation resultsshowed that RSMA with the new routing protocols could reduce the overall network energyconsumption, balancing the energy consumption among all the nodes in the network, prolong thelifetime of the network effectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Sink, Routing Protocols, Network Lifetime
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