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The Research On Characteristics Of Single-Polarization Single-Mode Photonic Crystal Fibers

Posted on:2014-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fibers (PM-PCFs) have drawn a great deal of attentionfrom telecommunication researchers due to their unique properties. However, thepolarization-maintaining property of these PM-PCFs is frequently influenced by polarization modecross talk and polarization mode dispersion. Unlike these PM-PCFs, a novel single polarizationsingle mode photonic crystal fibers (SPSM-PCFs) which guides only one polarization mode of thefundamental modes, have attracted considerable attention. SPSM-PCFs can find wide applicationprospects in coherent optical communication systems and fiber sensor systems.A kind of SPSM-PCF schema with squeezed hexagon air holes array is proposed in this paper.The proposed SPSM-PCF confinement loss characteristics under different structure parameter R,Λ_x,Λ_y, d/Λ_x, D/Λ_x, N_r are investigated by using MATLAB and a full-vector finite element method.Numerical simulations reveal that the confinement loss of fast-axis mode is as high as17.28dB/mwhereas the loss of slow-axis mode is only9.60×10-6dB/m at1.55μm. Compared with the slow-axismode, the fast-axis mode can be suppressed with a shorter fiber length. Suitable claddingcompression ratio is the key of this article, the cladding birefringence have also been studied indetail.Through optimization a SPSM-PCF with structural fault tolerance and confinement loss lessthan0.10dB/km is obtained.Finally, the eight big air holes into single mode PCF is used to design a SPSM-PCFs coupler.The modal interference phenomenon of the even and odd modes of two orthogonal polarizations offundamental mode and the SPSM coupling length are also investigated numerically by FEM.
Keywords/Search Tags:Photonic Crystal Fiber, Single Polarization Single Mode, Full-vector Finite-elementMethod, Fiber Coupler
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