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Fast Encoding Algorithms For Fractal Image Compression

Posted on:2014-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F ShengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395483823Subject:Applied Mathematics
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With the rapid development of modern information technology and Internet application nomatter the software or hardware are upgrading and updating in an unprecedented speed. Thedevelopment of the Internet has forced a lot of digital information transferred among networkfrequently, leading to a higher requirements of the data and image storage and transmission. Imagecompression aimed at compressing image information can speed up the transmission, which willbecome a hotspot for people to research. At present, there has many methods of image compression,and fractal image compression is a very promising branch among them. Fractal theory is very novelfor it uses compression mapping to code image information and iterative way to restore image. Thispaper’s work are as follows:Firstly, it introduces the related theory of fractal geometry and the iteration function systemwhich may combine with fractal together. In view of the basic algorithm of fractal about coding anddecoding principle, it verifies that it only need about10times iteration to make the decoding imagestable and close to the original image.Secondly, because the basic fractal image coding costs too much time which influences itsapplication, this paper puts forward a fractal coding algorithm based on similarity ratio and givesthe feasibility analysis. The experimental result shows that the proposed algorithm not only canguarantee the same image quality but also can improve the encoding speed which is more superiorthan basic fractal.Thirdly, it proposes a fractal coding algorithm based on sub-block subtraction and gives thefeasibility analysis. The Algorithm sets up a series of parameters which can make the algorithmitself possess certain flexibility and controllability. The experimental result shows that the proposedalgorithm can speed up the decoding time in an effective way.
Keywords/Search Tags:fractal, fractal image encoding, image blocks classification, similarity ratio, sub-block subtraction
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