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The Application Of Forecastiong Research Basied On Artificial Neural Networks

Posted on:2013-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2248330371468100Subject:Signal and information systems
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Forecasting research is based on Theoretical guidance. For the starting point of the development of objects, on the basis of the information and statistical data which from investigation, For in-depth qualitative analysis and Rigorous quantitative calculation in the process of the development of things. We also research and understand the development variation of the world. Make a scientific guess in advance for the future changes in the development of things.Forecasting plays a very important role in many fields. Down the ages, forecasting is very extensive in research field. In traditional agricultural production, the researchers make use of some approaches in weather forecasting, which is benefit from the technology of forecasting. Some kinds of disastrous weather can be forecasted correctly, which can reduce the damage minimum. In fact, the developing of forecasting is becoming more and more important in the world. Many researchers involved in forecasting research and pay more attention on the application domain. In the relationship of human development, which we can find forecasting everywhere. For instance, in our daily life the scientists can build some forecasting models and study the technology to prevent earthquake, tsunami, typhoon and so on. On the one hand this kind of forecasting can provide reliable scientific data to prevent disasters, on the other hand, which can certify the effective and scientific of forecasting. From above, the application of forecasting is very important.Forecasting research based on artificial neural network is refers to use the models of artificial neural network to analysis the application of the neural network, which make the applied to the actual application of forecasting research. Analysis and research of historical data, the main purpose is to explore the inner relationship and the rules of the changes of the world development. Our study shows that although there are many different characters between different things, but the principle of forecasting between different things is same. So we can use of artificial neural network to forecasting different things.In this paper we first introduce the background and significance of forecasting, which includes the significance of forecasting, the history development of the forecasting and the innovation and application of the forecasting in this paper. The second chapter mainly introduces the basic theory of prediction, which includes the basic principle of prediction, the steps of forecasting, and the principle of forecasting based on neural network. Basic content and principle based on artificial neural network. The third chapter presents the short-term load forecasting based on artificial neural network, the chapter four presents oil pipeline leakage forecasting based on neural network, the fifth chapter presents the short-term prediction of urban water consumption based on artificial neural network, finally the we put a summary and outlook of the artificial neural network in the application of forecasting.
Keywords/Search Tags:forecasting, artificial neural network, short-term loadforecasting, petroleum pipeline leakage forecasting, short-term urbanwater consumption forecasting
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