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Theory And Experiment Study Of The Poled Fiber Electro-optic Intensity Modulator

Posted on:2012-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2218330368982320Subject:Optical Engineering
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With the rapid development of optical fiber communication and fiber sensing technologies, an urgent need for rapid development of new high transfer rate, large bandwidth all-fiber modulation device; one of the most important modulator which is that all fiber optic intensity modulator. The commonly used devices of all-fiber optic intensity modulation is build in interferometer structure by phase modulator to achieve the signal intensity modulation, but the modulation susceptible to vibration, temperature and other environmental factors, so that the stability of optical intensity modulation devices is usually not high. In order to study integrated, miniaturized fiber optic intensity modulator, this paper described production of the intensity modulation devices used melt embedded hollow dual-core fiber optic, and the electro-optic effect of the integrated intensity modulated fiber optic devices were tested; and provides an experimental base and production methods of integration and miniaturization to all-optical intensity modulation device.In this paper, we study the optical transmission characteristics of the integrated electro-optical intensity modulator, introduce the production process of the device details and tested the electro-optic effects of the strength of modulator. Firstly, create melt embedded hollow dual-core fiber model to analyze the different voltage and different electrode diameters at the twin-core fiber core used comsol and tested the poled experiment conditions of the two-core fiber; then introduces the produced detailed steps of the integration fiber optic intensity modulator, this step mainly includes welding between the optical fiber, the produced of dual fiber coupling department, electrode fabrication of fiber optic device, coating technology of the end optical fiber surface, the choose polarization conditions of the dual-core optical fiber, the package of optical devices; third test the electro-optic effect of integrated fiber optic intensity modulator according the method of test polarization fiber electro-optic effect, the test results obtained in the response signal and modulation signal have the same frequency; the frequency of response signal two times of the modulated signal frequency; other wave pattern response signal; and the response signal of the peak changed with the peak of the modulation signal under a certain frequency, the results of experiment effective proved the existence of electro-optic effect through the polarization optical devices, and further validation the feasibility of the integrated fiber optic intensity modulator.In this article, the integrated optic intensity modulator we design and make integrated two arms of Michelson interferometer in a two-arm fiber, the structure is simpler than conventional interferometers, and could ensure the relative stability between the optical path can effective avoid the impact of vibration, stress, temperature and other environmental factors to the all-optical modulation to the system, greatly improved the performance of dual-core fiber optic intensity modulator; provide basis development of the modulation device integration and miniaturization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Polarization optical fiber, intensity modulation, melt embedded hollow dual-core fiber, integrated, Michelson interferometer
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