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Research And Implementation On Data Management System Of Shipbuilding Technical

Posted on:2012-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2218330368485015Subject:Computer technology
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At present, information technology has permeated the world shipping industry, design, production, management and service aspects. The depth and breadth of its application determines the level of overall level of the industry, and is the key as large as to a country's shipbuilding industry, small to businesses's survive and development in the market. Shipbuilding industry has been generally realized that in order to "promote the shipbuilding modernization of information", is the shipbuilding industry to catch up the last opportunity for the international advanced level. With the continuous construction of enterprise information and the degree of information technology to promote continuous improvement, a variety of applications growing demand for system integration. Application Integration is the first data integration problems. How effective data sharing and integration, is directly related to the implementation of enterprise application integration effect.Business generated during normal operation, a large number of technical documents, and its specific business information is scattered in the technical documentation, and therefore, how accurate and effective positioning, information extraction and integration of these businesses, become a bottleneck in enterprise information. How to data conversion, using an integrated enterprise information technology is the key technology, a profound impact on the implementation of effective enterprise information.Shipbuilding design of a wide range of information, including:structured data and unstructured data such as relational data in the database, CAD system to produce documents and data, etc. Office. Information from different systems, and storage form that heterogeneous, and different syntax and semantics, difficult to share and interoperability to the enterprise information integration is a big difficulty. In order to provide a unified view of data, heterogeneous data sources isolate heterogeneous difference between the achievement of a comprehensive information sharing, it is necessary to file system as a member of the system integration into the database system. But the file system does not have some of the features of traditional database systems, such as schema definition, query language. This paper discusses in shipbuilding enterprise information system project in the process of how to implement effective information integration, heterogeneous systems integration and heterogeneous data conversion and other issues were discussed. Main researches:the file system information extraction, structured file data, file system mapping to the database system, enterprise information integration. The research results will be the bottleneck in solving the problem of data sharing, rich data integration of theory and methods in promoting the integration of unstructured information on the application and development areas have significant meaning. At present, the data management system has been running more than three years, as the system combines the actual production, and give enterprises have a better economic and social benefits.
Keywords/Search Tags:Data Integration, Data Extraction, Unstructured data
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