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Quantitative Trading And Corresponding Software Development

Posted on:2012-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2218330362453869Subject:Business Administration
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Program trading since the seventies of last century the rise from the United States, four decades of very rapid development of financial markets in Europe and America had a huge impact. And the derived quantitative trading, automated trading, high frequency trading, algorithmic trading and other segments and concepts, the success of the change in the financial markets, the micro and macro structure. With everyone more in-depth understanding of quantitative trading, more and more people believe that quantitative trading fair as a financial market transactions in the future direction.Relative to the United States and Europe mature, the field of quantitative trading in China is still in its infancy, but with the stock index futures in 2010, officially listed, is also extremely rapid pace of development. Present because of the financial security concerns, regulators for the general approach to quantify transaction control and suppress, but as the future direction of development is not possible to solve the problem by blocking, only to face it, in-depth understanding and study it, and even participate in Among them, be possible to give full play to its strengths, to control its negative effects. Blindly to avoid its end is not ready in their own forced to face the quantitative trading, it is better now involved, Dances with Wolves.Front view of the relative quantitative trading theory, the concept of their country is not unified; I make a explanation about the concepts of quantitative trade. ; In order to analyze and anticipate future quantitative trading development in China, this paper on the development of quantitative trading in USA and Europe Evolution, the impact on the market presented in this paper, the future of quantitative trading technology trends were discussed. Taking into account China's financial market rules and relatively independent of special paper to quantify China's financial markets and the special circumstances of the transactions analyzed and described.As optimistic about the future of quantitative trading, I have organized Shenzhen DZU-TECH Co., Ltd has developed a set of program trading software. In the text of the software design and the need to design considerations that need to be the key highlights and the latest version of the situation developed to make a brief introduction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quantitative Trading, Program Trading, High Frequency Trading, Arbitrage, Market Maker
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