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Late Permian Cathysia Flora In Yangbazhairegion, Baliu Countryside, Mojiang County, Yunnanprovince

Posted on:2012-12-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M L WanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2210330338967819Subject:Paleontology and stratigraphy
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Yunnan Permian strata is well developed and deposition are of various types, andquite widely distributed as well. This areas are rich in fossils, most belonging to theTethyan biogeographic range, and Tengchong - Baoshan has a Gondwana - Tethystransition characteristic. Permian sedimentary is complex: both the platform carbonaterocks, coal-bearing clastic rocks and flysch or flysch class to be grooved are widelydeveloped. Therefore, the Permian of Yunnan is a area of predominant condition ofour country. Depth research and study from Permian Stratigraphy in Yunnan provinceof ancient biology, then discuss the geological events, the evolution of development isvery important significant in science.Late Permian strata in Yangbazhai area, Baliu countryside Mojiang county ofYunnan province is well development, good outcrop, abundant plant fossils, and asthe reason of the coastal marsh strata, it include animal fossils and plant fossils inalternating layers, associated plant and animal fossils or fossil into upper and lowerstratigraphic relationships easy to determine, and can be compared with the relatedbiota.This paper describes the Late Permian plant fossils of 17 genera and 26 speciesthe author collected from Yangbazhai area, Baliu countryside Mojiang county ofYunnan province. After detailed study of the nature of the botanical flora andrestoring the face of the ancient flora, the author made a comprehensive comparisonto other plants over the same period in domestic group. Use the method of fossilanalysis, this paper thinks the Yangbazhai group should be formed in the upper of latePermian period. After mastering the regional geological setting and depositionalenvironment, the author restore the ancient geography and ancient environments andancient climate through the analysis and study of fossil plants.The new discoveries of the Late Permian flora, not only in age determination, butalso on all geographical areas in the plant is significant, indicating that the differentiation of flora in the area, multiply, add and improve the biodiversity of theregion , making the area into an integral part of South Asia.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yangbazhai area, Yunnan province, Late Permian, Cathaysian flora
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