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Smart Stock Picking And Stock Price Prediction System Research And Development

Posted on:2011-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360305493572Subject:Software engineering
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The number of stocks and the number of investors have a lot of improvement in Chinese Stock Market from its founding in 1990. The institutional construction about the stock market has improved significantly too. Stock market is not only an important channel for high-quality corporate finance, but also an important way for citizens of investing high-quality enterprise and involving in these enterprises' construction and sharing huge profits brought by the rapid development of the enterprise. Now, when the stock market in the socialist economic construction in China plays an increasingly important role, stock investment has gradually become an important investment. Under the condition of this reality, the research and development on intelligent stock picking and stock price forecasting system, is full of important social and economic significance.Paper studies the factors affecting stock prices and the forecasting methods for stock price apply in Chinese Stock Market more comprehensively and more deeply, discusses various technical indicators and their application occasions, presents the idea on the fundamentals aspect and the news aspect of stocks be ahead reflected in the stock technical indicators under the capital market with Chinese characteristics, thus designs and develops an intelligent system on selecting stocks and forecasting the prices of stocks based purely on technical indictors aspect of stocks, and tests the system. The results show that the growth of stock price of the stocks selected by the system is much higher than the growth of Shanghai and Shenzhen's index in same period, and the gap between the prediction price and the stock real price is very small.System uses SQL Server2000 as the backend database, java as the forward-end development tool, and use IKVM to convert java program to.NET assembly so the interoperability between the two development tools Java and.NET is available.System downloads the historical transaction data and the real-time transaction data of stocks, calculates the value of the various technical indicators, and then write to the database of SQL Server2000, studies and summarizes several strategies for selecting stock according to morphological features of technical indictors, selects the stocks of meeting the conditions of technical indictors by querying stocks'indictors in database, and predicts the stocks short-term movement and prices according to their technical pressure and support price levels. In stock forecast, stocks'K-line chart and various technical indicators charts are drawn, by adjusting the price of the stock we can emulate the market transactions of the next day. At this time, observing the real-time changes of stock's K-line chart and various technical indicators charts, we can measure the general trend and the stock price of the next day.
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