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Based Intrusion Deception Technique Network Security Systems And Implementation

Posted on:2008-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360215485886Subject:Computer technology
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As the computer technology developing especially network ,Thecomputer system has developed involvedv, connected and opened systemfrom the unaid mainframe, That brings more expedience for people makeuse of message and resources in common ,But also brings more networksecurity problems.The three center destination of computer security isconfidentiality,integrity,availability.Since long time,in realizes in thisthree center destination process to carry on the exploration and theresearch.Most early proposes is uses the access control mechanism toguarantee the system security of computer security model,Afterwards thefirewall technology is developing, That reduced the hidden dager ofnetwork,but above of all is belongs to static thesafe defense technology, Itis lacks the initiative response for the network attack now, So it unable toknow the invasion method from the intruder.This topic to reseach the intrusion deception technique, that solves thenetwork security problem by a new way, establishes one or many traps, todivert and to shift hacker's attack, Then to analysis the hacker's attack,we can tracing and getting the evidence.This topic in view of the network environment of HUNAN BuildingMaterial college,using the HoneyPot technology and snort intrusiondetection software establish the intrusion deception technique system,With HuNan province ChangSha BoHua science company'sYG-FWS-NP and YG-IDS-S,build university network security system incommon, with other technology more tightly integrated and cooperateclosely came ture.This system have certain early warning and forecastfunction,HoneyPot not only check up new attack trends,also can catch thenew attack tool.These Messages were used for early warning.This systemhave actual operated half a year, have shown that had a positive effect inuniversity network security management, especially have a very goodeffect in prevent inside attack.
Keywords/Search Tags:deception technique, honeypot, honeynet, intrusion detection, snort rule, firewall
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