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Workflow-based Data Mining Process

Posted on:2007-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2208360185955994Subject:Applied Mathematics
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Nowadays, Data Mining can discover some valuable information from the increasing data in the face of the more and more data source. By doing this, we can forecast the trend of data more exactly and improve the efficiency accordingly. However, there are not domestic disquisitions or literature searches about applied algorithms warehouse of Data Mining, tool warehouse of enterprise data management warehouse and tool warehouse of enterprise KBM. Therefore, the study of this field becomes a current rising trend.The transaction processing, faced by the conventional application, is a software of exploiture, which is based on the demanded analysis. And the demand is certain and aptotic correspondingly. In addition, the decision support, faced by the application of the Data Mining, has the different tasks of the module during the various phases. And, its demand is changeful and ambulatory. For the iterative debugged models, the latter is more applicative. In the fact, the application of the Data Mining is appropriate to the workflow, which is a late-model exploitive mode. Nowadays, in S-plus and Sas, there are the integrated conditions based on workflow, which apply to Data Mining. However, for the high cost of executing and maintenance, the consumers are limit to large-size or medium-size enterprise. Oppositely, using the DTS of the SQL Sever as the engine of the workflow, Data Mining has a characteristic of cheap cost. Thereby, it can satisfy the demand of small-size enterprise. In practice, for the market of the applying of Data Mining based on workflow, it can supply a gap.In this paper, applying workflow to the algorithmic flow of Data Mining, we can construct algorithms warehouse and tool warehouse by modularizing universal framework of the current Data-Mining algotithms, the Data warehouse, the KBM and the Maintaining algotithms. In practice, it is more applicative to data mining tasks, which have new data updated frequently. For instance, enterprise data management, stock certificate, and so on. Thus, we can improve the efficiency, reduce the cost, optimize the procedure and reinforce the management.Applying the Analysis Services of the SQL Sever 2000, we restrict the tasks of the...
Keywords/Search Tags:Workflow, Data Mining, Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS)
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