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Real-time Software Development Techniques To Achieve

Posted on:2003-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360095950745Subject:Computer software and theory
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The complex of system becomes increased when the application area of real-time system expands, thus the scale of the software becomes larger and larger. So it brings new requirement in software development in real-time system.The correct of the system depends on not only the logic result computed but also the time the computation spent. Thus it needs to handle more issues and hold more sufficient ability in real-time system than in general system.It expatiates working principle in real-time system and a number of ways to evaluate performance, to design the system. It brings the development method of UML which is combined with software engineering, and hopes that it will bring a new design idea to the way in designing real-time system.This article begins to discuss the performance evaluation in real-time system to tell us a method to analysis of real-time system in top-down, and thus we can make a balance between software and hardware.Then it presents some important issues we should be noticed, and makes the corresponding methods to design including task assignment and scheduling, real-time communication and fault-tolerance techniques, and discuss the characteristic that a real-time language and tools should hold.And, it presents the way in designing and modeling system with UML in real-time for that it can meet the concept of software engineering better. It also describes the requirement, analysis and design of Meter-fee collection System with UML. Socket connect-pool and database connect-pool are used in the system for increasing the validity of socket connection-request and the speed of data storage. And there are the watch-dog pattern used in the system, the master-salve pattern used in the communication servers and the cluster used in the database servers for the high reliability to the system. The cluster technology also is a solution for load-equilibrium for all the database servers. Support disk-store for data when the instant overload of socket-request happened and the data-transit service can be delayed.The defect in the research and work are summarized lastly, and presents the improvement which can be done in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Real-time System, Task Scheduling, Real-Time Communication, Fault-Tolerance, UML
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