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Key Technology Research On Contour Reconstruction Of Tyre's Section

Posted on:2011-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L OuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360308964406Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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Section contour structure design of tire is one of the four parts of the tire's structure design, which directly influences the quality of tyres and vehicle performance. Currently, although there are more tyres complete design theory as guidance, in practice the combination of design and the variable parameter design are often uesd based on classics contour with measuring the tyres'section contour parameters.Besides, tyres'finished section contour inspection is very important, we can analysis the causes of accidents, improve the quality of production process, improve product quality through comparing the similarities and differences of the design and product. The subject research aim is to reconstruct tires'section digital model and the contour integral parameter through the image processing and computer graphics technology, which has very important significance on improving the level of tyres' design and detection.Based on the research object of tyre's section image gathering by CCD camera, this paper conducts systematical research work on the image preprocessing and contour extraction, contour recognition and contour reconstruction technique etc.In the part of image preprocessing and contour extraction, at first, this paper used image polarized and median filtering algorithm to improve image quality after the analysis of image features, Then emphatically analyzed sevral typical methods of binary image processing, and chosed local threshold segmentation method by experiments analysis. In the end, the further process of binary image was done and the contour was extracted.In the part of contour feature recognition, the article made the study of the algorithm based on K-cosine feature points identification model after analysing the tire structure model, proposed feature points recognition technology based on improved K-cosine model combined with tire section contour features. Finally, examples are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the model.In the part of contour reconstruction technique, this paper using the least squares fitting method to achieve single curve reconstruction combined with which section contour are made of lines and arcs.Then emphatically analyzed GD and AD algorithm and chosed GD method by experiments analysis.Then obtained reconstruction integral model by solving equations. According to the situation in contour unconnection, the improved algorithm based on double endpoints constraint was proposed, and examples are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of this method.At last, the reconstruct precision was discussed and then analyzed the error sources and ways how to improve the reconstruction system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tyre's section, Contour extraction, Contour feature points recognition, Contour reconstruction
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