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Hausdorff Distance And Genetic Algorithm Based Image Matching Technique Research

Posted on:2011-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2178360308481411Subject:Computer software and theory
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Image registration is a fundamental problem in image processing, which is a process to match two or more images of the same scene taken at different times. Image registration technique is used in wide range areas, such as navigation and location, object recognition, movement analysis, stereo vision, data fusion, change detection. It is the base of these images processing techniques. The difficulty of designing registration algorithm lies in variety of scene styles and variety of imaging variations between images. How to design an algorithm which works with high adaptability, high precision and rapid computing efficiency is the kernel study topic. Through the research of many years, image registration technique has obtained plentiful research result.This paper first makes a brief summary of the phylogeny of image registration,and study application of image registration and the processing of image registration algorithm.and give image registration algorithm frameword for a brief overview. Study the reason of effect image registion. Then give four factor of build image registration.take from the theory basis. As well as image registration algorithm were reviewed to form an image registration technology, the theoretical basis, but also the basis for this article. The second part of the paper introduces the Hausdorff distance and genetic algorithm, genetic algorithm operators described the process and composition factors, and its characteristics were analyzed. The third part of the paper is the experimental section, while the proposed algorithm and other image registration algorithms were compared, indicating a genetic algorithm based on Hausdorff distance and the superiority of image registration methods in the calculation of speed and alignment results on obtained satisfactory results in the concluding remarks of this article, the author is given for further research work on some personal observations and recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Image registration, registration algorithms, Hausdorff distance, genetic algorithm
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