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The Optimal Designing Of The Dispersion Flattened Photonic Crystal Fiber And Study On The Transmission Of Femtosecond Laser

Posted on:2010-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) are a new generation of optical fibers based on photonic crystal technology, which have many unique properties, such as endless single-mode transmission, controllable dispersion, high non-linear, high birefringence, etc., photonic crystal fibers which have rich nonlinear optical properties and dispersion characteristics of flexible and adjustable have important scientific value and broad application prospects for optical physics, biomedicine, photochemistry, communications, They are very important to the miniaturization and integration of optical devices in DWDM system. Thus PCFs and optoelectronic devices based on PCFs have become a hot research topic at home and abroad. In this paper, the dispersion, dispersion slope, effective mode field area and the other characteristics of PCFs are analyzed and researched, some basic characteristic-parameters of PCFs is simulated and calculated by using multiple methods. The transmission characteristics of femtosecond laser pulse in photonic crystal fiber are described by split-step Fourier method, the influence of the dispersion; the peak power; the initial chirp and the propagation distance on the pulse shape and the spectra evolution is analyzed.First, PCFs are briefly introduced, including their developing background, present researching states, manufacturing methods, prospective application and researching hot spots.Secondly, this paper has introduced and contrasted several methods, which can simulate and calculate the model field characteristics of PCF. This chapter highlights the characteristics and the superiorities of the multipole methods and chooses the multiple method as basic theorical method of designing PCFs, the principle of the multiple method; the equation as well as the suitable conditions is introduced. Thirdly, the dispersion of PCFs is studied systematically by using multi-polar method. A kind of PCFs with stomata Gradient was designed. The dispersion, dispersion slope, the effective mode area of PCFs is simulated and calculated and the inclusions are analyzed. The fiber which is designed achieves near zero-dispersion flat or even ultra-flat dispersion in the whole optical communicated band (1.28-1.65μm).Finally, the basic transmitted characteristics of the femtosecond laser in photonic crystal are simulated by step-by-step Fourier method; the evolution of the pulse shape and the spectra evolution are analyzed at different dispersion area. The influence of the incident peak power, the initial chirp and the propagation distance on the transmitted characteristics of the femtosecond laser and the spectra evolution are simulated at abnormal dispersion area.
Keywords/Search Tags:Photonic crystal fiber, Dispersion, Dispersion flattened, Step by step Fourier method, Supercontinuum
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