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Research Of The Output-characteristics Of Width-pulse YAG Solid State Laser

Posted on:2010-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the laser technology invented, the continual wave laser and the pulse laser have simultaneously like twin brothers flourished. The width-pulse laser worth is to apply to the process of drilling a hole or laser wilding and this application is unable to substitute. How to enhance the energy of each pulse? This is a question that the width-pulse laser renewed unceasingly and progressing unceasingly wants to reply. In recent years, in order to obtain high-energy (power) of the diffraction limit of light, the use of Gaussian-reflectivity mirror as a resonator output has been widely used in unstable-resonator with the high-gain laser.In this paper, we researched the tunable width-pulse pumping, Pingao stability resonator and the unstable-resonator with VRM output beam quality, design principle and structure characteristics of output. Respectively, the width-pulse laser beam measured the output of the devices, methods and test results have been survey by the laser beam analyzing system. We research the issue of heat effect in the laser medium, analysis the work of substances, pump source, the cause of thermal lens which has an important impact on solid-state laser medium heat effect. And measure the thermal focal length of the material on the work in certain input power and output power. Finally, this article has analyzed the measurement result. These results have the important reference significance to the width-pulse laser design.
Keywords/Search Tags:Width-pulse, Laser resonant cavity, VRM reflector, Laser beam analyzing, Thermal focal length
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