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Study On Chlorine Sensitivity Of Semiconductor Composite Oxide In Series Of Indium Oxide

Posted on:2009-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2178360245486338Subject:Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
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Chlorine is commonly used in modern industry, that is more than 60 percent commercial chemicals having it in their producing, but simultaneously poisonous and hazardous. It endangers human beings, animals and plants and often causes great casualties in its transportation, storage as well as utilization, because of its leak and overhigh concentration. Although people can smell certain existing chlorine, it is much higher than the safety standard published by the International Health Security Organization. Therefore, it is quite necessary to utilize high-quality chlorine sensor both real time and at hand, to monitor and detect it in industrial area or living places where danger exists. Semiconductor sensor becomes the largest and widest in the sensor world, thanks to its high sensitivity, quick response, miniature shape and convenient use.By introducing chemical codeposition, nano-semiconductor compound oxide system CdIn2O4 and MgIn2O4 were synthesized, respectively. The product was characterized by XRD and SEM, and the result indicated that CdIn2O4 sintered from 500℃to 800℃every 100℃, its particle size ranged from 20 to 30 nm and MgIn2O4 from 600℃to 900℃every 100℃, its particle size from 20 to 40nm. Furthermore, both materials display spinelle structure.Each sensing material was made to sintered side-heated sensor by traditional processing, and it showed favorable sensitivity to chloride under working voltage between 1 and 7v, and its shows characteristic of N-type semiconductor. CdIn2O4(600℃)was tested under 5v in 50ppm(part per million) chloride, and it revealed the sensitivity, response time, and recovery time, 700, 4s, 15s,respectively. Even CdIn2O4 was tested by doping, whose result showed the working voltage reduced and sensitivity increased to about 10 times. After being sintered at 900℃, MgIn2O4 showed its sensitivity over 400 under 4v. (CdIn2O4)0.6-( MgIn2O4)0.4 showed its sensitivity, response time, and recovery time, 400, 20s, 55s respectively. Each sensing material was tested for 480 hours and they showed high stability.In addition, considering each engineering index, the sensitivity of CdIn2O4 doped with H2PtCl6 and its reaction curve to Cl2 were carried out by linear and error analysis, where they are in power function form, theirs errors less than 2 percent, which brings data support to the subsequent circuit.
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