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Study Of Feature Extraction And Recognition Of Typical Targets In SAR Images

Posted on:2007-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360185493959Subject:Circuits and Systems
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SAR is a kind of coherent radar imaging system working in microwave bandwidth. It has the capability of imaging in all weather, all day, multi-view angles and multi-resolutions. Thus, it has undescribable values of applications in spy and monitoring of denfence, military, environments, and disasters.Automatic target recognition is one of the most important, difficault, and hottest research subjects in SAR imaging applications. So far, there is not a single method which can solve all the target recognition problems. The research on recongnition, therefore, is significant and baluable in theories and technologies.The aim of this research project is at development of methods for feature extraction and recognition of typical targets to promote the recognition rates.In this dissertation, a recognition algorithm based on the geometry feature of gather is proposed to recognize the typical target in SAR image. Oilcan is a kind of typical rigid target with big backscattering coefficient, which takes on point figure if the resolution of SAR image is not very high; these point targets to be recognized gather together, and form a target region with some distribution area; the center of the region appears as a beeline, and the speckle noise appears scattered, therefore, considering the different grey distributions between point target and speckle noise region and the space geometry distribution, these point targets can be recognized by this algorithm.A recognition algorithm based on the geometry feature of the edge is proposed...
Keywords/Search Tags:Synthetic Aperture Radar, Target Recognition, Feature Extraction, Strategic Decision fusion
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