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The Robust Control Of T-S Fuzzy Descriptor System

Posted on:2005-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182476656Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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T-S fuzzy descriptor system is a combination of both T-S fuzzy modular and descriptor system.It can be used to approximate a nonlinear descriptor system very well. And it is a good method tosolve the problems of nonlinear descriptor system. So far, the research results on this topic are few.In this thesis, some new results are developed as follows:1) A modeling method of the T-S fuzzy descriptor system is presented. The stability of the fuzzydescriptor system is discussed and a sufficient condition of the system stabilization is proposed.Furthermore, the design of fuzzy controllers is discussed. And a state feedback controller is givenfor the H ∞ ability and D-stable in detail.2) The design problems of fuzzy state observers are discussed in detail. The design approachesof full-damnation and reduced-damnation observers are developed. A sufficient condition is givento ensure the closed-loop system to be stable by using state observe based on fuzzy controllers.Furthermore, the controller is given for the H ∞ ability and D-stable in detail.3) The design of static and dynamic fuzzy output feedback controllers is made for the T-S fuzzydescriptor system. Basing on its the stability, H ∞ability and D-stable for the closed T-S fuzzydescriptor system by the controller are all discussed in detail.4) The LMI methods are given to all the conditions in this paper to make them work out easily.Finally, some examples are given to illustrate the design procedures and the simulation resultshave shown the nice control or observation performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:T-S fuzzy descriptor system, state feedback controller, state feedback controller based on Fuzzy observer, output feedback, H ∞control, D-stable
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