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Real Time Path Planning Of Mobile Robot In The Unknown Dynamic Environment

Posted on:2012-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J XieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330332975834Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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Mobile robot is an important area of research in the robot technology, it is an intelligent robot which can implement real-time self-motion at the condition of indoor,road and field. It is an integrated intelligent systems which have the function of environment perception,dynamic decision and planning,behavioral control and implementation. It involves image processing sensing technology Multi-sensor data fusion technology artificial intelligence computer vision and automatic control. In the research of mobile robot related technology, the navigation technology is the core, and path planning is the important direction. If mobile robots plan to complete the assigned task, they must avoid obstacles and get to the goal safely in a variety of work environment. So the path planning algorithm is a direct impact on the merits of the robot task.First, It has described the AS-R robot system structure and each module of the system, explain the working principle of the module in detail, and has established the motion module and motion Control System Structure of the AS-R robot.Because of the advantages and disadvantages of the local path planning and the global path planning, this paper choose the static algorithm of the local path planning base on virtual intermediate goal. First the algorithm generate a global path which connect the initial point to the goal, then the local path planning algorithm generate a collision-free path through the environmental information which detected by the sensor. Simulation results show that this algorithm can avoid the local minimum area and able to plan the optimum smooth path.Against the dynamic obstacle, the speed of mobile robot was decomposed into the goal direction speed and the obstacle avoidance direction speed, through the angle analysis between the relative speed and the relative position of the mobile robot, then changed the obstacle avoidance direction speed of mobile robot to avoid the dynamic obstacles safely. Simulation results show that the approach proposed above can avoid multi dynamic obstacles effectively.At the last, based on the VC++simulation, this paper did the experiment on the AS-R mobile robot to verify the path planning algorithm. Actual results show that the proposed algorithm have good results and practical value.
Keywords/Search Tags:AS-R mobile robot, local path planning, global path planning, velocity resolution, dynamic obstacle
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