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Excavate Algorithms To Study On The Basis Of Authoritative Resources Of Web Of Structure Of Chaining

Posted on:2006-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360155462627Subject:Software engineering
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Web is an enormous information resources bank, some of information search of web gives definitely the topic , users hope to get it with its relevant Web page outside, hope the page searched has high quality, or it is authoritative to direct against this topic. The authoritativeness is not only correlated with web text content , what the authoritativeness also hid among Web page is in the relation of chaining each other, this is a very effective method to excavating the authoritative resource of Web. This text studies and applies to web and excavates the chaining with the information retrieval and analyses algorithms emphatically, have introduce such latest concepts as authoritative resources and web corporation ,etc, has proposed chaining the cluster algorithm of the structure, is it use extensive HITS algorithm and web structure find to shed the algorithm while being most heavy corporation in analysing to improve.To finding a question apter to neglect in more and relevant resources of theme with web authoritative value and hub value in HITS algorithm: It consider is it to chaining , consider hyperlinking the situation in succession heavy more to having single only, so in how heavy the continuous one hyperlinks cases, the right value of the page is unable to be upgraded , it is unreasonable that this makes right value of some pages assign. This text introduces feasible matrix and proposes a kind of improvement algorithm, an unreasonable problem that effective settlement right value distributes , used warshall algorithm to solve the complexity problem of algorithms at the same time .Further investigate because of chain structure find web corporation shed the algorithm while being most heavy at the same time. To on most heavy to flow what method adopt distribute every side one the same value method of capacity will quality and quantity in corporation bring a great deal of unfavorable influence, only through increasing capacity can not last these problems well, and capacity promote because the heavy, then issue of theme who drift about can be the getting more easy to be more display. In order to solve these problems better, this text has put forward the capacity method by a kind of better distribution, using the thought of calculating dividing value of HITS algorithm during the process of finding the corporation, different side value of dynamic distribution comes for different sides...
Keywords/Search Tags:Web mining, Authoritative resource, Authority value, Hub value, hyperlinks
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