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Research On The Web Mining And Personalized Search Engine

Posted on:2006-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N N LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360152471159Subject:Computer application technology
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Web is becoming one of the important information resources. With the rapid increase of information in Web, people have to waste much time to search the information they need. So the search engine has become the most popular information retrieval tool. Because it relates to the theory and technology of Information Retrieval, Database, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Processing, Natural Language Processing etc, it is an all-around and challenging research. Nevertheless, for most search engines, it is still a long way to satisfy the requirement of users, especially the requirement of personalized queries. So personalized search engine has become an important research subject.Aiming at the actual flaw of current search engine, we do some research on the technology of personalized search engine. On the basis of it, we design and implement a personalized search engine and present a query refinement strategy. We also explore the search engine based on the semantic web. The main contributions and innovations of this dissertation are as follows:· The information retrieval concept and the basic aspects of search engine (working flow, history, current status, the problems).· Web mining (relates to personalized search engine) is discussed.· With the current status of personalized search engine are summarized, a model of personalized search engine is presented.· A strategy for query refinement is presented.· The basic elements and technology of semantic web are discussed. On the basis of it, a search engine based on the semantic web is designed.The research and exploration of this paper is a good beginning for the further research of the personalized technique of the search engine and the development of the web information retrieval tool with high quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information Retrieval, Search Engine, Web Mining, Personalized, Semantic Web
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