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A Study On The Total Cost Control For Grant Administration Of Universities And Colleges

Posted on:2006-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Grant administration is a key component of university and college management. The effectiveness of research grant management relies on the accuracy and timelines of grant cost accounting. Currently, cost accounting of university grant administration is incomplete in key elements, incomprehensive in control, and unscientific in calculation method. How university grant administration can be improved through effective cost control has become a pressing challenge to today's university treasury management. This paper probes into the total cost control of university grant administration. By introducing the concept of total cost control, this paper establishes a comprehensive cost accounting system based on university operating practices, optimizes the data quality of current grant administration, and effectively supports the entire process control of granted projects.This paper has six chapters. Chapter One is introduction. Chapter Two is a thorough survey of cost control theories on grant administration, with analysis on the latest cost control theories both at home and abroad. Chapter Three is an evaluation of current cost control models of grant administration. It expounds the limitation of existing cost control system in university grant administration, and provides recommendations and solutions. Chapter Four presents a model of total cost control of grant administration. Chapter Five is an introduction to the calculation methodology of total cost control, with in-depth discussion of the theories, characteristics and calculation process of total cost accounting. Chapter Six is a case study, in which a full-scope cost control plan is designed for a university as an example. Chapter Seven is conclusion.This paper is original in the following two aspects: 1) it is the first comprehensive research and discussion on total cost control of university grant administration. So far, domestically, there has been no systematic research on total cost control of grant administration. 2) it exhibits creativity in the design of a total cost system for the grant administration of universities and colleges. By utilizing the...
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