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Investigation Of The Metal Sliver Plasmon Resonance-based Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensor

Posted on:2014-04-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:1268330398489349Subject:Optical Engineering
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In this thesis, we studied the metal plasmon resonance-based photonic crystal fiber (PCF) sensors, and designed double-microfluidic-channels PCF (DMPCF) and multi-core microstructure optical fiber sensors (MCMOF) with high sensitivity based on silver nanowires. For DMPCF, the amplitude sensitivity can reach1407dB/RIU when diameter d is300nm and amount m is5. The sensor resolution can reach3.1×10-5RIU if the transmitted intensity can be detected reliably in the range of1%. Furthermore, the spectral sensitivity is4400nm/RIU when the diameter d is300nm and the amount m is7.The sensor resolutions are2.3x10-6RIU for the spectral sensitivity S=4400nm/RIU, when the position of a resonance peak can be detected reliably in the range of0.01nm. For MCMOF sensors, when diameter d is300nm and amount m is5, the amplitude sensitivity is1801dB/RIU. The sensor resolution is2.4×10-5RIU when It is safly assumed to be in1%range. When the diameter d is350nm and the amount m is5, the spectral sensitivity is5000nm/RIU.The sensor resolutions is2×10-6RIU for the spectral sensitivity S=5000nm/RIU, when the position of a resonance peak can be detected reliably in0.01nm change.The relationship between the the confinement loss and the operational wave for ring-holes microstructure optical fiber was also calculated in detail. It is founded that confinement loss filled solutions containg silver nanowires is2orders larger than that only containing bare water. Furthermore, there is a sharp loss peaks of transmitting fundamental transverse mode in the PCF centered at about1550nm when the amounts of silver nanowires are11filled a single air hole, which was confirmed by experiment.Based on quasi-state theoretical functions, the change trend of sensitivity for the cubic silver nanoparticles is discussed in detail via the medium refractive index and the edge length of the nanocube. It is founded that the sensitivity of the sensor is3774.2nm/RIUfor the silver nanocube with30nm in edge length when the surrounding refractive index is2.0. At last, it is found according to the simulation that silver nanocube particles filled in the central hole of the PCF interact with evanescent wave of incidence light, according to the light intensity in the PCF.
Keywords/Search Tags:fiber and waveguide optics, microstructure fiber, localized surfaceplasmon resonance, optical fiber sensor, nanowires, nanometer particles
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