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The PN Behavior Theories And Its Applications Of Concurrent System Synthesis

Posted on:1999-12-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C J JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360185995726Subject:Computer organization and system architecture
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This disseration is concerned with the research on the theories and its applications of the PN behavior for system synthesis. The content of the whole disseration is divided into eight chapters. Chapter 1 reviews the research work around the world. Chapter 2 introduces some basic concepts of formal language and Petri net. In chapter 3, the composition formulas set of basic processes and process language are obtained, respertively. The properties of cut set and line are also obtained. These resultes are useful for studing dynamic characteres of complex Petri net. In chapter 4, the general hybrid PN machine is introduced, and its language is proved equivalent to the language of the context-sensitive vector grammar. So the perfect relation structure between vector grammars and PN machines is formed. On the other hand, the behavior relation in synthesis process for the Petri net model of logical control system. Three kinds of connection operations for Petri net model of logical control system are proposed by L.Ferrarini. We study on the preserving behaviou problem for Petri net model of logical control system in synthesis process. Some language formulas for three kinds of Petri net's connections: self-loops, inhibitor ares and synchronizations are gotten. The concept of behavior invariance about Petri net is introducted. It is proved that three kinds connection operations satisfy the behavior invariance. These results support a formaltool for dynamic analysis of Petri net model in synthesis process. In chapter 5, the complete behavior invariant is definted. The characters of complete behavior invariant are researched. In chapter 6, first, we established the Petri net specification for communication functions and basic ststements of PVM; then, we give the steps of designing program verification model and abstract the abnormal phenomenon that the users often meet in the PVM parallel program into the characters of Petri net; finaly, gave some detection algorithm to help users to eliminate these errors. In chapter 7, the model of multi-resurces share system is built with Petri net. The safety and non-deadlock of system is discussed, respectively. The conditiones of deadlock eistence are pointed out and the control tools of deadlock are given. By establishing and analysing for a practical manufac-turing system, the correctness and viability of this paper's results are verified.
Keywords/Search Tags:Petri net, PN machine, system synthesis, model, behavior, liveness, safety, invariant, deadlock, parallel program verification
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