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Algorithm Research Of QoS Routing Based On TCP/IP

Posted on:2004-04-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1118360125953578Subject:Computer application technology
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The ATM Network is the only Network that can support traditional data business and real-time/multi-media business at present. When we use the ATM Network, it means that we should build the second layer of Network's basic equipment or replace the existed Network with the ATM Network, which cost high. How can it support multi-media business of QoS (Quality of service: QoS) in TCP/IP architecture? One is to develop a new network protocol such as IPV6 RSVP(resource reservation protocol),RTP(Real-time Transport Protocol). Actually the basic method is improving the router to fit the demands of QoS.The new routing technology is not only to find an access for data transport but also to fulfill the transport capacity and serving qualities. It means a routing algorithm that has the ability of QoS when it analyses and affords the balance of the quality of data transport in all accesses to the Network. The routing of uncials multicast or In domain , between domain, routing algorithms all have inquire technology that asks for quick convergence and high-efficient routing list With the development of Network and application business, QoS-based routing becomes one of the nuclear network problems.QoS-based routing Algorithm must get three purposes: 1) Offering the guarantee of service quality for each accepted business-stream of QOS; 2) Making the optimum use of all network resources; 3) Influencing the least properties. The former demands to calculate the possible accesses on condition of multi-control, and the latter demands further optimize among the multiple possible accesses. Optimization is usually designing the cost function, working out the optimum possible access, which belongs to NP complete problem.The main purpose of this paper is to conduct a comprehensive evaluating function to solve QoS route problem through re-designing gene arithmetic operators. Three parts compose the paper. The first part involves the chapter 1 and chapter 2. The main aim is to study the classic route arithmetic, protocols and QoS route arithmetic. The second part involves the chapter 3-chapter 7. It is the core in this paper. According to the QoS route problem, several QoS route arithmetic is designed. The third part involves the chapter 8. The study issues are summarized in this part.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network security, QoS routing Algorithm, Multi-object Genetic Algorithm, Dijkstra Algorithm, Fallback~+ Algorithm, TCP/IP protocol, ATM network, Load balancing
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