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The Study Of High Performance Computer's Interconnection System

Posted on:2001-07-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:B DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360092498891Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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The interconnection system is the critical part of high performance computer system (HPCS). The main function of interconnection system is to realize the messages transmission between the HPCS's nodes, so the network throughput and communication latency would greatly influence the computing performance and efficiency of HPCS.In this thesis, we focus on studing crucial technologies of high performance computer's interconnection system. Some problems in realizing the "high bandwidth, low latency" of interconnection system are solved to increase the interconnection communication ability and efficiency.We study the performance measurement of the HPCS as the starting point The characteristic of the HPCS's speedup and the crucial factors to influence the HPCS's speedup are studied. To increase HPCS's performance, we take research on the technologies of the interconnection system, including switching technology, flow control strategy, routing algorithms and interconnection interface design.We study one of the key point in interconnection network, theory of deadlock-free. We focus on the wormhole switching deadlock-free theory in interconnection network, and a new design method based on hybrid switching is proposed, which provides a fine way to realize deadlock-free routing algorithm.We study the design of routing algorithm. After analyzing the characteristics of message routing in the interconnection network, one new concept "the Best Network for Routing"(BNR) is proposed. Base on it, we present the framework for designing high performance minimal deadlock-free fully adaptive routing algorithms. With the framework as guideline we design a new kind of routing algorithm on Mesh: BBFAM, which has the advantages of good scalability and flexibility.We study the technology of implementing adaptive router in the interconnnection network. According to BBFAM, we propose a design layout of fully-adaptive router BFR. With consideration of both performance and cost, a fully-adaptive routing model system on 2D-Mesh is designed and we have realized the model system of 16 nodes.Finally, we study and analyses the technologies of design and implement of high performance interconnection system. After analyzing the computer's common bus interfaces, we proposes a kind of system interconnection design based on DIMM interface, which offers a kind of effective way to design and implement high performance system interconnection...
Keywords/Search Tags:Interconnection System, Grain Matching Speed Up Model, Wormhole Routing, Deadlock-Free Routing Algorithm, Best Network for Routing, Router
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