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Waste Boiler Intelligent Control System Applications

Posted on:2012-08-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118330368480852Subject:Metallurgical engineering controls
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In the national energy-saving emission reduction, low carbon economy sustainable development strategy, waste boiler technology is a new type of environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, low pollution clean combustion technology, more and more widely, its development potential is tremendous. The technology will burn the waste gas (air blowing, etc.), waste residue (slag etc.), fine gray dust produced in production process in mixed waste stream of the burner added with portion of coal gangue to produce high heat steam. Medium pressure steam produced by back pressure can generate electricity, after the low pressure steam is available for production use, mixed combustion slag can be used as the production of high-grade cement raw material.For high-energy high-pollution industries that use boiler, we must do everything to energy saving, that can consistent with the national sustainable development strategy of low-carbon economy, in order to achieve energy conservation, advanced technology and control systems is the key.This thesis first to give a more detailed analysis for three waste boiler craft flow, it mainly introduced the waste boiler work process and energy saving principle, and analysis the problems. For the problems of three waste boiler control system, this thesis using sliding mode control and predictive control for boiler control algorithm design. Through practice, give the whole craft design process of three waste boiler, practical application shows that the process design and control system has good prospects and have good promotion and application value. Main work and innovation are as follows:1. Considering a class of perturbed nonlinear systems, designing nonlinear disturbance observer online approaching external interference, and analysis of the nonlinear disturbance observer parameter selection method, prove the convergence property; According to the input is uncertain, nonlinear disturbance observer is designed based on adaptive sliding mode control, and its performance is analyzed. Through a handstand pendulum of numerical simulation results prove that the validity of the method of design; According to "three wastes" boiler bed temperature control system, design based on disturbance observer adaptive sliding mode control scheme, the use of strict Lyapunov method to prove the stability of the closed-loop system, numerical simulation of the closed-loop system, the results show that the method converges fast, robust, able to meet the control requirements.2. To design SISO system based on fuzzy disturbance observer based adaptive sliding mode control system, a detailed analysis of the dynamic observation system and the performance of the closed loop system proved that the closed-loop signals are bounded. And promotes the conclusion, in view of the MIMO system, design of adaptive sliding mode control system, the adaptive parameter is introduced in the dynamic interference observation error and the switching function is strictly proved the closed loop system, the signals are bounded. Take three wastes boiler host vapor temperature as the control object, designing sliding mode control based on the Fuzzy disturbance observer, under the situation of all disturbance unknown, realizing the temperature follow-up control, the simulation result shows this control method good.3. The LS-SVM used in Drum water level predictive control of the three waste boiler, the least squares support vector machine as a predictive model to its feedback correction control strategy, rolling optimization. It can effectively solve the difficulties in rolling optimization and nonlinear systems built mode online. Simulation results verify the method is effective.4. The overall design for the 55T/h three waste boiler in Yuxi Galaxy chemical, and then detailed description for the specific design of the control system; then take waste boiler drum water level control system for example, using PID algorithm to design and implementation. Finally gives the operation interface of the system. Through the actual operation of the system, the results showed that the thesis design of the waste boiler control and energy-saving effect are both well. The author further study should do the combination of the results of theoretical studies in this thesis and the reality, to further enhance and improve control system performance and energy efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Three waste boiler, Adaptive sliding mode control, Nonlinear Disturbance observer, Fuzzy disturbance observer, Local least squares support vector machine predictive control
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