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Study On Routing Technologies In Delay And Disruption Tolerant Networks Based On Social Networks

Posted on:2016-08-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1108330485458564Subject:Computer application technology
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Delay-Tolerant Network(DTN) is a new network architecture which uses store-carry-forward communication model to forward messages since there isn’t a persistent end-to-end path from source to destination. In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile networks, mobile network-based services are emerging. In order to protect mobile networks to communicate effectively and to provide safe and reliable protection for its service, the study of routing algorithms of delay tolerant network and technology of performance improvement has very important significance.Taking into account the characteristics and movement pattern of nodes, in this paper, defects of these protocols are analyzed and a new hybrid routing algorithm CS-DTN is proposed based on the analysis and the characteristic of social network. Unlike the existing cluster-based and social-based routing protocols, CS-DTN combines nodes’ own characteristics and relationship between nodes from multiple angles. What’s more, movement prediction is considered. In this way, the waste of resources brought by unnecessary message forwarding is reduced. Simulation results show that CS-DTN significantly improves the message delivery rate and at the same time reduces the average end to end delay.Since in delay tolerant networks, the average end-to-end delay is high. In this way, some messages are dropped. While as we all know, network coding can be used to improve the throughput of the network. Thus, in this paper, based on network coding we propose a novel solution to address the routing issue of one type of DTNs named CCS-DTN in which mobile nodes are also divided into different clusters. Since the contact probability in intra-cluster is high, network coding are only adopted in inter-cluster routing. The theory analys is and simulation results show that our proposed scheme can significantly improve the performance of the routing in DTNs.However, in social networks, some nodes are selfish which are not willing to forward messages from strange nodes. To solve this issue, in this paper we propose a novel routing mechanism named TR_SDTN based on network coding and entropy function. First, before selecting the next hop node, the node needs to determine whether there is an alternative attacks. Next, a trust node is selected according to trust model which is computed according to the recommendion from one-hop neighbor nodes. Through theoretical analysis and simulation, we can find that TR_SDTN can effectively avoid messages dopped by the selfish and malicious nodes which protect the performance of the network.
Keywords/Search Tags:Delay Tolerant Networks, Social Networks, Routing, Network coding, Selfish
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