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Keyword [Firefly Algorithm]
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21. Study On Location Algorithms In Wireless Sensor Networks
22. Research On Improved Hormany Search Algorithms For VRP
23. Study Of Firefly Optimization Method Based On Surrogate Model And Its Isight Application
24. Optimal Filter Configuration For Distribution Network Based On Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
25. Theory Analysis Of Firefly Algorithm And Its Application Research
26. Interference Management Based On Firefly Algorithm And Graph Theory In Femtocell Network
27. Research On An Algorithm Of CUDA-based Cellular Particle-Pair Optimization And Firefly Algorithm In Gene Clustering
28. Research On Multi-core SoC Mapping Method Based On Discrete Firefly
29. Research On Application Of Improved Firefly Algorithm In Image Enhancement And Segmentation
30. Study On Self-adjusting Parameter Method Of Heuristic Algorithm
31. Research On Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm Based On Otsu Method
32. Research On Three-dimensional Localization Algorithm Based On Wireless Sensor Network
33. Research On The Strategy Of Load Balancing About Cloud Computing Resources Based On Virtual Machines Scheduling
34. Design And Implementation Of Oilfield Archives Management System Based On Petri Net
35. Research On Firefly-Algorithm-Based Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem
36. Research And Application Of Firefly Algorism Based On Chaos Optimization And VFSA
37. Research On Key Techologies Of INS/TAN/GAN Integrated Navigation System For Underwater Vehicles
38. The Research On Video Target Tracking Algorithm Based On Particle Filter
39. Based On Thermal Infrared Image Of Underground Coal Spontaneous Combustion Fire Inversion Study
40. Research And Implementation Of Obstacle Pattern Recognition For Mobile Robot
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