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1. Blistering And Waveguide Fomation In Optical Crystal Materials By Ion Lmplantation
2. Investigation Of Graphene Based Plasmonic Filters
3. Waveguide Properties Of Ion-Irradiated Optical Crystals And Chalcogenide Glasses
4. Optical Channel Waveguides In Dielectric Crystals: Fabrication, Lasing And Second Harmonic Generation
5. Silicon-based On-Chip Multiplexing Devices For Optical Interconnects
6. Silicon-based Arrayed Waveguide Grating For Optical Interconnects
7. Optical Waveguide Biosensors Based On Silicon-on-Insulator Platform
8. Microring Resonators And Photodetectors With SU-8 Optical Waveguides On Silicon
9. High Speed Photonic Integrated Circuits For On-Chip Optical Interconnects
10. Study On Ionic Liquids Optofluidic Waveguide Build And Its Optical Transmission Properties And Light Manipulation
11. Breaking The Diffraction Limitation Of Light Based On 2D Metallic Waveguides
12. Study On Dielectric-covered Substrate Integrated Waveguide Slot Antennas
13. Research On Compact Planar Ultra-wideband Antennas And Its Automation Design Method
14. Study On Novel Folded Type Of Slow-wave Structure For Millimeter Wave Traveling Wave Tube
15. Research On Several Novel Microwave Passive Devices And A Teraherz Filter
16. Study Of Novel Multilayer Microstrip Array Antennas
17. Surface Plasmon Waveguides And Meteor Burst Communication Antennas
18. Research On Several Key Problems Of All-Optical Analog-To-Digital Conversion
19. Optical Biosensors Based On Nanostructured Waveguiding Layer
20. Research On Polymer/silicon Thermo-optic Switches And Their Reliability
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