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Keyword [twin-core fiber]
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1. Research On The Multi-Wavelength Fiber Laser Based On The Strong Coupled Twin-Core Fiber And The Few-Mode Fiber For The High-Power Fiber Laser
2. Research On Fabrication And Characteristics Of Long Period Fiber Grating Based On Twin-core Structured Fiber
3. Study On All-Fiber Comb Filter And Mach-zehnder Interferometer
4. Tunable Twin-core Fiber And Its Application In Fiber Grating Sensors And Filter
5. Research On Image Acquisition Of Fiber Optic Accelerometer Based On OV9121
6. Study On Optical Signal Processing Technology And Application Based On Twin-Core Fiber
7. Study Of A Novel Micro-ring Resonator Based On Twin Core Fiber With Low Insertion Loss
8. Research Of Integrated Interferometer Based On Twin-Core Fiber
9. Research Of Polymer Multi-Cladding Electro-Optic Modulator Based On Twin-Core Fiber Bragg Grating
10. Research On The High-performance Optical Modulator Using A Twin-core Fiber
11. Theory Research On Twin-core Fiber And Development Of Novel Twin-core Fiber Full-access Connector
12. The Research Of Add/Drop Filter Based On Twin-Core Fiber Grating
13. Investigation Of Novel Special Optical Fibers And Their Applications
14. Study Of Fiber Sensor Based On Multimode Interference Coupler And Few-Mode Fiber Laser
15. Specialty Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Bending Sensor
16. Research On First-order Optical Temporal Differentiator Based On Double-clad And Twin-core Fiber
17. Research On Optical Temporal Integrator Based On Coupled Mode Theory Of Twin-Core Fiber
18. Research And Application Of Novel Fiber Optic Sensors Based On Multicore Fiber
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