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Keyword [time-frequency distribution]
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1. Time-Frequency Analysis Of Multicomponent Linear Frequency-Modulated Signals
2. Feature Extraction And Fault Diagnosis Of Non-Stationary And Non-Gauss Mechanical Vibration Siganls
3. Study Of Time—Frequency Analysis And Processing Of No—stationary Signals
4. Parametric Adaptive Time-Frequency Representation And Its Applications For Non-Stationary Signals
5. Research On Array Processing For Multi-parameter Estimation Of Non-stationary Signals
6. Multi-Parameter Estimation Of Radar Signals Based On Time-Frequency Distribution
7. Research On Direction-of-Arrival And Related Parameters Estimation Of Radar Signals
8. Research And Application On The Theory And Method Of Local Wave Analysis
9. Fundamental Studies On Extracting Parameters Of Frequency Agile Signal
10. Improved Time Frequency Distribution And Its Application In Radar Signal Process
11. Research On Imaging And Jamming Of Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar
12. Investigation On Array Signal Processing Amid α-Stable Noise
13. The Research Of Interference Suppression Technologies In DSSS Communication Systems
14. RCS Dynamic Measurement And Data Processing Of Target
15. Research On The Key Techniques Of Interferometric Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging
16. Insusceptibility Measurement And Analysis Approach Study Of The Ballistocardiogram Signal
17. Models And Detection-Estimation Algorithms For Multi-Component Radar Emitter Signals
18. Study On Techniques For Target Detection And Imaging With Wideband And Narrowband Radar
19. Radar Signal Parameter Estimation And Physical Feature Extraction Of Micro-motion Targets
20. Study On The Time-frequency Analysis By Emd And Cohen's Kernel And Application In Track Irregularities
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