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Keyword [time-delay estimation]
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1. A Study On Fiber Optic Sensor Employing Time Delay Estimation For Disturbance Detection And Location
2. Study On Channel Modeling And Signal Parameter Estimation For HF Communication Based On Alpha Stable Distribution
3. Research On Key Technologies Of Dual Mach-Zehnder Distributed Vibration Sensing System
4. Study On Delay, Quantization And Motion Adaptability Issues Of Satellite Navigation Anti-jamming Technology
5. Wavelets And Its Applications In Ultra-wide Band Radar
6. Design Of Signal And Research Of Information Extraction To High Resolution Radar
7. A Study On Multi-Beam Sounding System Seafloor Tracking & Data Processing Techniques
8. Research On Key Technologies Of Underwater Multi-target Localization
9. Study On The Theory Of Generalized Normal-distribution Signal Processing And Its Application In Communications
10. Research Of Near Field Source Localization Method Based On Higher Order Statistics And Fractional Lower Order Statistics
11. Study On Key Techniques In Speech Enhancement With Microphone Array
12. Research On Wireless Location Technique Based On Time Delay Estimation
13. Study On Time Delay Estimation Methods And Applications In The Presence Of Impulsive Noise
14. Studies On Key Techniques Of Ocean Acoustic Information Acquisition And Transmission
15. Research On Radio Location For Mobile Station In CDMA Cellular System
16. Study On The Crucial Techniques Of Loran-C Digital Signal Processing
17. Study On Wireless Localization Technology Based On UWB Signal Time Delay Estimation
18. Consensus Problem In Multi-Agent Systems
19. Research On Time Delay Estimation Technologies For Extremely Weak Signal In Multipath Environments
20. The Method Research On Orientation Detection Of Gas Signal Source
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