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Keyword [third-order dispersion]
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1. The Influence Of Higher-order Effects On Microwave Magnetic-envelope Solitons In Ferromagnetic Films
2. On The Propagation Properties Of Gaussian Shaped Pulses In Optical Fibers
3. Dispersion Effect In Optical Coherence Tomography Thoery
4. Basic Study On Transfer Characteristic Of Optical Fiber
5. Application Research And Simulation Analysis Of Signal Transfer Characteristics In Optical Fibers
6. Pulse Compression In Hollow-core Photonic Bandgap Fibers
7. Second-order Optical Soliton Transmission Characteristics
8. Interactions Between Dissipative Solitons In Optical Fiber Communication Systems
9. The Research On The Influence Of Higher Order Nonlinear On Propagation Properties Of Optical Pulse
10. Evolution Of Self-similar Pulse In Optic Fiber Amplifier
11. Research On The Self-similar Properties Of Optical Pulse In Optical-fiber System
12. High Precision Optical Quantitative Method Research
13. Ultra-short Pulse Solutions And Their Transmission Characteristics Of Graphene Mode-locked Fiber Laser
14. Research On Optical Fiber Link Damage Monitoring Technology Based On Fractional Fourier Transform
15. Research On The Energy Transfer Between The Lobes Of The Finite Energy Airy Pulse
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