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1. Investigation On The Thermal Effect And (Ultra) Short Pulse Laser Performance Of Concentration Gradient Composite Nd:YVO4/Nd:YVO4/Nd:YVO4 Crystal
2. Design And Application Studies On The Curvature Sensor With A Grating
3. Investigation Of Photon Localization Using The Random Laser And Traditional Laser Theory
4. Study On Several Key Issues Of Laser-Diode Pumped Solid-State Lasers
5. Solid Infrared Laser Theory And Experimental Research
6. Development Of An Injection-locked Ti: Sapphire Laser And Its Application In Optical Lattice Clocks
7. Research Of The Stable Area Of The High Power LD End-pumped Z-Cavity
8. All-solid-state Contiuous Wave Nd: YAG 473nm Laser
9. Study On High Power All-solid-state Nd:YVO4/LBO Green Laser
10. Study On High Power All-solid-state CW Green Laser Of LD Single-End-Pumped Nd: YVO4/LBO
11. Theoretic Study On The Thermal Effects Of Solid-state Lasing Medium
12. Study On High Repetition Rate Cr~(4+): YAG Passively Q-switched Laser
13. The Elementary Research Of Laser Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Technology
14. Study On Modulated Dual Beam Thermal Lens Technique
15. The Study Of Thermal Effects In Diode Pumped Solid-State Laser
16. The Measure Of The Solid-state Laser's Thermal Lens For Wavefront Curvature Sensor With A Diffraction Grating
17. All-solid-state V-shaped Double-cavity Combination One-way Overlapping Quasi-continuous Output 206W Green Laser Experiment Study
18. Investigation On All-solid-state IR, Green And UV Laser With Short Pulse Duration
19. The Theory Designs And The Experiment Studies Of The Unstable Resonator Solid State Laser
20. Optical System Design For LD Pumped Green Laser
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